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Regeneration Through Body pH

Posted by Sangeeta Pati on
Regeneration Through Body pH


Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, taught that the forces causing disease are at war with your body’s self-healing forces.  When seeking longevity or to overcome the most difficult diseases, tweaking your body’s self-healing force to accomplish regenerative healing  is the wisest strategy possible. This email blast introduces you to one causal factor - an all-powerful tool - that can tweak your body’s self-healing forces into accomplishing regenerative healing, namely ➔ pH.

What Is pH? 

pH is the concentration of hydrogens in the body’s internal environment (milieu). High concentrations result in an overly acidic milieu. Low concentrations result in an overly alkaline milieu. Both pH extremes are causal factors to accelerated aging and chronic disease. Blue-Zones are where the Long-Living arise.  As a rule, these folks live extremely long and enjoy thriving states of health. One core reason is that they keep their body’s overall pH slightly alkaline. And they are fundamentally able to do this by their micro and nano-size mineral-rich waters and mineral-rich soil (farmlands). 

Why Maintaining A Slightly Alkaline pH Will Cause You to Thrive 

Enzymes are the supreme commanders to our chemistry of life. Their optimal function may increase by multiple orders of magnitude when supported by an  abundance of these mineral-rich waters and foods (e.g., calcium, magnesium, etc.). But one all powerful factor controlling your enzymes is your body’s internal pH.  At the right pH, enzymes are fully capable of initiating regenerative healing. But if forced to operate in excessive acidity or alkalinity, enzymes become a critical force for disease. For example, studies clearly show:

1. Enzymes control resistance to disease. In many instances the exact same enzymes will cause destructive effects under an acidic pH, but constructive effects under an alkaline pH.  Since enzymes control body inflammation, mastering enzyme dynamics enables you to master both anti-inflammatory as well as regenerative events in the body.
2.  Preserves bone. Bone loss is accelerated in acid pH
3.  Preserves muscle. Muscle breakdown is accelerated in acid pH
4.  Increases growth hormone. Alkalinizing the body with potassium citrate or bicarbonate increase growth hormone production.
5. Increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy 

How Is Your Body’s pH Tweaked To Match The Long-Living?

Measure the morning’s first (basal) urine pH with an inexpensive digital pH meter.  NOTE: pH paper tends to oxidize and deteriorate. Aim for a basal urine pH of above 6.7. If the pH is below this range:
1. The most influential factor that modulates body pH is the body’s oxygen saturation, something we more extensively cover in next email blast. Oxygen’s fate is to combine with hydrogen to form a neutral pH water molecule.  This is absolutely the key to extinguish excessive body acidity. 

2. The second most important factor that modulates pH is potassium-trace-mineral rich fluid intake. We recommend 100 ounces of filtered, structured  water with sustainable coral calcium, or pink salt and fresh squeezed lemon  per day.  Prepare the total water for the day every morning.

3. and the third most important factor is diet. Eat 50% mineral-rich vegetables on every plate. Eat more organic greens (kale, spinach, chard, broccoli), or use raw 
(freeze-dried), organic greens powder.

In our experience, if you do not master managing body pH, you will not achieve consistently optimal regenerative healing outcomes. 

For further information, please see our related webinars and register for our upcoming workshops.  Our webinars and workshops stress the best methodology to altering pH back to theoptimal ranges by:  (A) how to best exercise with oxygen for 20 minutes daily, (B) what are the very best alkaline-rich fluids to consume, and (C) what precise delicious dietary items to emphasize to easily sustain a diet comprised of   50% organic vegetables. 

You are invited to our next webinar “How to Regenerate Yourself Like the Long-Living!” Wednesday, August 1st, 6:30 PM EST.



1.) Hippocrates stated that, Disease [is] not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of  the patients body,      a battle between the substance of disease and the naturaself-healing tendency of the body.Regenerative healing is super-normal healing. It is not common but does arise under precise circumstances.

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