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MD Prescriptives is a new line with a simple philosophy to put you in the drivers seat to optimize your own health based on the latest science, based on clinical experience in thousands of patients spanning over several decades, using the most bioavailable forms at therapeutic doses.

When you can optimize functions in 5 specific areas simultaneously:

1) mind (subconscious and conscious),

2) body oxygenation,

3) hormones,

4) nutrition, and

5) detoxification

all diseases become surrounded and outnumbered by this unsurpassable, innate self-repair mechanism. We call our methodology to restore and facilitate this unsurpassable innate self-repair the 5 Point Model System, which is the foundation of our supplement line. 

Over the years we have amassed an extensive wide range of evidence-based research and clinical cases that helped us define causal approaches to regenerative medicine. We envision these findings to be transformative to traditional Western medicine and Naturopathic Medicine at its best. 

Meet Our Team

Dr. Sangeeta Pati
President and Founder,
MD Prescriptives
John W. Apsley
CEO MD Prescriptives
Anjali Pati
Director of Marketing and Sales
Angelica Jusino
Marketing Analyst
Margaret Davis
Clinical Liaison