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Magnesium MD 120 vcaps

$ 45.95


  • Highly absorbable and bio-avaliable magnesium chelate for sensitive individuals, now with ATA-Mg™ (Magnesium Acetyl-taurinate).*
  • Magnesium regulates over 325 enzymes in the body and plays a crucial role in the function of brain, muscle, metabolism, energy production, along with detoxification.
  • Experience calm and relaxation.
Each Product is a Month's Supply


Novel and Highly Absorbable Magnesium

Discover the power of our highly absorbable magnesium glycinate supplement, enhanced with magnesium acetyl-taurinate. This unique combination ensures maximum bioavailability, meaning your body can easily absorb and utilize the magnesium, unlocking its full potential for holistic health benefits.

Magnesium is a vital mineral essential for overall well-being. Renowned for its ability to promote restful sleep, alleviate stress, and enhance mental clarity, magnesium also supports bone and heart health, boosts energy levels, and aids digestion. With our supplement, you can harness the full spectrum of magnesium's benefits to live your best life.

We understand that sensitivity matters. That's why our formula is hypoallergenic and free from hidden fillers, artificial colors, fragrances, or harsh chemicals. It contains no common allergens such as milk, egg, fish, peanuts, or gluten, making it suitable for even the most sensitive individuals. Plus, it's third-party verified GMO-free and proudly made with care in the USA.

Studies have shown benefit with Magnesium supplementation in the following:

  • Toxemia of pregnancy, arrhythmia, clearer mind, constipation relief, inflammatory lung congestion, migraine, improving glucose control, enhancing insulin metabolism, lowering blood pressure, relieving symptoms of difficult and painful menstruation, alleviating leg cramps (especially in pregnant women), decreases risks associated with metabolic syndrome, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, fatigue, tremours, and sleep disorders.*
  • We believe the optimal form of Magnesium Glycinate with ATA-Mg™ (Magnesium Acetyl-taurinate) that we provide our patients/clients is the preferred form for uptake and assimilation for the body as well as gastro-intestinal tolerance.*


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United States United States

This special Magnesium is great in keeping my nervous system relaxed! I take 2 after dinner and 2 before bed for restful sleep. It’s the best I’ve ever tried.

Shay H.

Pain Pain Go Away!

This product cured my 17-day migraine headache after being off of it for a few weeks. I take it daily to keep horrible headaches at bay.

Barbie M.


Love this product, totally cured my constipation

Jayce V.

Turning symptoms into memories

There simply is no Magnesium that can compare. I suffer from constant headaches and some anxiety but since finding this Magnesium those symptoms are only memories.

Dr. Sangeeta Pati

Life Saving

Magnesium is life-saving, especially currently when we are all magnesium deficient due to hyperactive nervous system. MagnesiumRx was designed with a special form of magnesium which penetrates the nervous system, specifically for anxiety, headaches, migraines, RLS, tremors, adrenal fatigue, palpitations and musculoskeletal pain. The comments I hear from patients include "it's a miracle." "I can't function without it." "No other magnesium works for my headaches".

Maddy G.

Magnesium... more like MAGnificent!

My significant other has had bowl and gut issues their whole life. They've been using MDP's Magnesium Rx for about a week and already seeing more regular bowl movements. WOW