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When the Mind is Calm, the Weight is Gone!

Posted by Anjali Pati on
When the Mind is Calm, the Weight is Gone!

We've all heard the famous term "Mind Over Matter"; used to describe a situation in which someone is able to control a physical condition, problem, etc., by using the mind. Sound a bit airy-fairy? Well what if I told you, the first and most crucial step to achieving healthy weight, is to calm the mind.


Preserve Your Reserve

When you calm the nervous system, you spare the “fuel” (hormones and nutrients) to be used in metabolism. So, “Preserve Your Reserve" = High Metabolism = Weight Loss! There are two proven methods that we have used successfully.

Method #1: Simplify Life with the My Priorities Exercise

Decreasing commitments is key to reversing any condition. Draw three concentric circles. The middle circle is the #1 Priority, which is Your Health Routine. List your secondary and tertiary priorities (like associations and activities) in Circle #2 and #3. For 90 days, cut out all commitments in #3 and reduce commitments in #2. Let your tribe know that you are focused on getting golden, so you can excel in your duties long-term. Focus on #1.

Method #2: Flip the Emotional Switch 

You cannot change the fact that a hurricane is upon you. You can alter the Chronic Stress Response; the way it affects your body and the drain of hormones and nutrients that occurs. This is done by flipping the emotions in your heart into a coherent rhythm: calm heart = calm mind = optimal metabolism. You must control your breathing and believe that you can have a healthy weight.

***You can observe your pattern with the app - Aim for a coherent heart rhythm. Effects last for hours.

Go on an Emotional Diet

  • Prioritize your Life with the My Priorities Exercise
  • Decrease Commitments to Relieve Stress
  • Transform Sub-Conscious Stressors
  • Control your Chronic Stress Response through the Quick Coherence Technique
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One Day, or Day One?

It all starts with you. Of course there are other key steps to successful weight loss - using supplements to balance your hormones and nutrients, eating balanced meals, and optimizing oxygenation to your body - but these steps are not enough by themselves. You make the decision to live a healthier, happier life and that is exactly what you'll find. Start your weight loss journey with a calm and committed mindset and there's nothing you can't achieve.

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