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Do you want a Regenerative Health Coach (RHC) in Your Practice?

After 15 years of practicing integrative medicine, I find that my time is often spent repeating information, which would be best shared through experiential learning. So, I introduced the Regenerative Health Coach in 2018,  specifically to increase the effectiveness, decrease the time spent and increase the revenue of the practice. 

So far, I have found that the RHC is the most valuable partner in improving patient outcomes with the most efficient use of my time. “After the initial consult, the patient sees the Regenerative Health Coach for 90 days to optimize each area of the 5-point model. During my short monthly follow ups, I can now focus on the progress of the symptoms and dose the hormones. I have confidence that nutrition, detoxification, mind and body steps are being facilitated by the RHC. I now have 3 RHC’s in my practice!” Sangeeta Pati MD FACOG 

The Basis of the RHC training program is the 5-point model system

Our simplified method for Regenerative Health, known as the 5-Point Model, addresses the mind, body, hormones, nutrients, and toxins. These protocols have been effective in reversing over 85% of all conditions ,with the least number of steps and capsules, in tens of thousands of patients over 15 years.

What is the content and method of the RHC training program ?

The training program teaches how to regenerate, using the protocols of the 5-point Model System.  Each participant is teamed up with another student, whom they coach towards their top 3 goals in 90-days, using the methods taught during the course. The method of learning is experiential with a mix of participatory lectures, cases, self-study and most importantly the experience of coaching and being coached in the 90-day program. There is a final exam at the end. In order to receive certification, participants must discuss 5 cases with a member of the training team, within 1 month of the program completion. 

      Topics that are covered through lectures, reading material, DVD’s, cases and coaching include:
  1. Hormone symptoms and signs
  2. Nutritional symptoms and signs and interpreting Spectracell nutritional assessment
  3. Basic Detoxification (body, gut, liver), evaluating and correcting urinary pH, EMF protection, 
  4. Mind Balance Methods for Stress resilience, tools and evaluation through Heart-Math.
  5. Body Balance and Oxygenation Methods and Tools
  6. Weight Loss through Metabolic Balance and Intermittent Fasting
  7. Use of Protocols and Supplements for Vibrant Energy, Restorative Sleep, Healthy Weight, Healthy Gut, Pain-free Life and Tranquility and Joy.
  8. Lessons learned in coaching methods

How does a RHC function in your practice?

In our practice, the RHC usually sees the patient as a part of the initial consult, after the program steps are laid out. The patient is encouraged to engage in a 90-day coaching program to achieve their top 3 goals. “Some do this program on their own, and some like to have someone hold their hand closely. The cost is $450 for 90 days of unlimited coaching. Most patients are happy to do this, as they are assured some level of compliance and accountability. 

The patient follows up a few times a week in-person, by email or phone as decided. Minimally they must have a weekly follow up. The coach assures a step-wise addition and mastery of steps that are vital to optimize body function in the 5-point model system.  An RHC can be an employee, an independent contractor or a consultant external to your practice. We have tested all three methods and each one works great.

What tools will be provided ?

  1. 6 patient-level protocol booklets and printable PDF version for regeneration (Vibrant Energy, Restorative Sleep, Healthy Weight, Healthy Gut, Pain-free Life and Tranquility and Joy). The Protocols are simplified to the least number of steps and capsules for the most effect.  Value $299
  2. DVD’s of 2 workshops (2011,2015 and maybe 2019?)
  3. Heart-Math Program for your computer Value $350
  4. Digital pH meter Value $25
  5. BIA, RJL I hope we can get this through internet maybe used
  6. Interpretation of your own labs. It is required for you to get hormone and nutrition assessment for this course. We are able to provide discounted access for those without insurance  for Spectracell ($190 with Insurance ?without) and Hormone Labs (~$200)
  7. All assessment, program and consent forms for patients.
  8. all products at cost 
Cost and Class Size?

$2200 plus coverage of your own labs depending on your insurance. Class size is limited to 10 participants in Fall 2019.

Dates and Location in 2019

12 classes at SaJune, Baldwin Park. Saturday Morning (9 AM-1PM) or Friday Afternoon (1 PM-5 PM). September 21- December 14. This Fall Session will be available on-line in January 2020.


As we are covering commercial products, we are not CME accredited. However you may submit for CME credits under your own license guidelines as permitted.