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Dr. Sangeeta Pati, MD, FACOG
President and Founder, SaJune Institute for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine

I was born in Princeton, NJ and brought up in the USA, Europe and India by my amazing parents; Dr. Jogesh c. Pati who is an elementary particle physicist and Geeta Pati who is a gifted Children's Science Writer.

My formal schooling consisted of a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology (with Honors) in 1986 from University of Maryland, a Medical Degree in 1990 from University of Maryland School of Medicine (with Honors) and a Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Georgetown University (with Honors). I am Board Certified by American Board of Ob/Gyn and also Board Certified by American Association of Anti-Aging and Bioregenerative Medicine. So, why am I so passionate about the mission to help the body heal itself using regenerative approaches to approximate nature.

In 1983, while I was in my undergraduate program, I started as a Computer Programmer at NASA. Feeling the need to impact more directly the human condition, I moved on to Basic Laboratory Research from 1984 to 1988, as Research Assistant at Litton Bionetics and National Cancer Institute. Luckily, I was blessed to apprentice with Michael Potter MD, a pioneer in Immunology who was instrumental in inspiring me to pursue natural methods to boost the immune system with Vitamin C and eventually to go to medical school.

In 1991, as a first-year resident, I experienced the miraculous birth of my light-worker daughter Anjali. I realized the deep spiritual nature of the field of Ob/Gyn. On completing residency, I practiced as an enthusiastic Ob/Gyn at several hospitals in the Washington D.C. area, delivering beautiful babies and helping empower mothers to experience their best birth. I keenly sought-after natural modalities like Healing Touch and used it to help mothers deliver naturally.

In 1996, I had my first opportunity to apply my knowledge to reduce maternal mortality worldwide. I joined a non-profit EngenderHealth and worked with Columbia University and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on the SafeMotherhood Project. Working in the field with traditional birth attendants, midwives and UNESCO on policies and protocols was eye opening. It convinced me that pharmacy and surgery was only part of a wide toolbox of options in medical care. It could not cure or reverse disease. I started to investigate natural methods to help the body heal itself.

In 2003, I opened SaJune Institute for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine to expand the toolbox of evidence-based options in health care. This included exploring all modalities including acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, Ayurveda and Energy Medicine and identifying the ones that helped patients the most. Using a combination of modalities, in thousands of patients, we arrived at a model that restored optimal health by optimizing 1) hormones 2) nutrients 3) detoxification 4) mind and 5) body. Our team was so excited when we realized that this system approximates the conditions of the long-living people in the Blue-Zones utilizing the sun, structured water, oxygen, soil and the vibration of joy. SaJune became a training center for doctors in 2007, with the mission of expanding the options for both patients and practitioners. We specialize in effective results with the least number of steps and pure supplements. MD Prescriptives was born in 2008 to support these “Regenerative Protocols that Work!”

On reflection, my personal journey into this field has been blessed by my own health challenges, which included recovery from a deadly infection and coma at age 16 in India, a debilitating encounter with a heartworm in 2012, West Nile Virus and adrenal burn out. As my response to traditional methods was ineffective, getting well required the guidance and the blessing of mentors who were pioneers in the field of restoring the body, like Dr. Robert Marshall and Dr. Todd Gegerson who use energetic modalities to diagnose and regenerative methods to treat.

My lessons so far:

  1. You have to heal yourself. Our job is to provide awareness, hope and tools to put you in the driver’s seat.
  2. Healing requires 100% belief in your ability to be completely cured.
  3. Dis-ease is the body speaking up that something is out of balance. It is the best opportunity to pay attention and address imbalances.
  4. Whatever the question, nature is the answer!
  5. And most importantly, “Whatever happens, the answer is Thank You!” When Dr. Marshall kept saying that, it spoke to my heart. Living it, has changed my life.

Love and light, Sangeeta Pati MD, FACOG

John W. Apsley, MD(E), ND, DC, Cert. Ac.
Chief Executive Officer of MD Prescriptives, LLC

For over 35 years, Dr. Apsley has researched, practiced and taught integrative regenerative medicine based on the "Four Pillars" of the Long-Living. His Four Pillars (Daily Detoxification, Maximal Oxygenation, Regenerative Nourishment and Mind/Body Bioenergetics) documents and establishes the means by which the Long-Living perfect their Regenerative Effect within. His first book, The Regeneration Effect (1995), captured this understanding and became a best-seller (40,000 copies sold in just 4 months). Coincidentally, the Five Point Model System of regenerative medicine founded by the renown Sangeeta Pati, MD, FACOG, encompasses perfectly these Four Pillars. The Five Point Model System of regenerative medicine is the foundation to MD Prescriptives entire line of products. This fact makes it quite exciting for Dr. Apsley to be serving as CEO to MD Prescriptives.

Formally trained in executive business management (2000) by a 12-month executive training boot camp provided through Consulting Services of America (CSA) - a merchant banking consulting firm commissioned to gentrify (successfully) downtown riverside Detroit, Dr. Apsley then served as president of Natural Immunogenics Corporation (NIC - 2002-2003) under founder Stephen Quinto, CEO, the inventor of the world’s first stable, commercially available, non-toxic, picoscalar bioactive medical grade silver. 

Dr. Apsley subsequently served as Executive Director of Immunogenic Research Foundation (IMREF - 2005-2008), a research institute dedicated to the study and education of metals in medicine, especially silver and copper. While serving as Executive Director, Dr. Apsley lectured widely, with major presentations focused on infectious co-factors in neoplastic disease and autism, in Guangzhou Province, Panyu, China (2006), Paris, France (2007) and Los Angeles, CA (2007). Since 2011, he has headed up Regenerative Lifestyles, LLC, a nutraceutical and educational enterprise that specializes in teaching both the professions and general public in turn-key systems to live a Regenerative Lifestyle and optimize wellness.

As a national figure, Dr. Apsley has been frequently interviewed over dozens of syndicated N. American and EU radio shows popular to millions of listeners, including Coast-To-Coast AM Radio, The Power Hour, The Robert Scott Bell Show, Richard Syrett’s The Conspiracy Show, Irish Side of the Road and Forum Borealis. His special topics include (1) how the Long-Living peoples live long virtually free from disease, (2) how the immune system is able to cure cancer, and (3) the nuts and bolts of “integrative regenerative medicine,” a phrase he coined many years ago.

Throughout North America, Dr. Apsley currently offers physician-to-physician consultations and patient educational services in integrative regenerative medicine.

Dr. Apsley’s current main endeavor is to serve as CEO of MD Prescriptives, LLC, an Orlando, FL - a ‘professional only’ food supplement company specializing in select products that facilitate efficient self-healing and regenerative medicine.

You can learn more by visiting his website at: and




Viji Ramakrishnan, MS-HCA

Executive Director
I grew up in Southern India with lots of adventures in life. My love is my family and music. Growing up in India, has truly influenced who I am as a doctor, daughter, sister, wife, mom and now a health care administrator. After almost 6 years of medical schooling and 3 years of business schooling, I had found a path to once and for all meld my natural ability and desire to become a health care administrator. I am truly blessed to be in a profession where reconnecting to health through scientific evidence-based tools is at the very center of a patient’s healing. SaJune/MD Prescriptives has given me this wonderful opportunity and fantastic experience to not only renew myself but has also made me find my balance and reconnect with my inner state and wellbeing. As an Executive Director, I am very fortunate to work with SaJune and MD Prescriptives towards the vision of transforming humanity through regenerative protocols that work.

"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you"     -Joyce Meyer




Anjali Pati
Director of Marketing and Sales

As director of marketing and sales, I bring personal experience to MdPrescriptives from my education in Naturopathic Medicine and ownership of Kashaya Probiotics, a bio-available yogurt with a proprietary blend of human-derives strains. As I am extremely dedicated to the mission of helping humanity through MdPrescriptives product line and regenerative protocols, my aim is to spread the word and build MdPrescriptives to the next level making our protocols available to our patients, while putting them in the drivers seat to their health. I also work diligently to seek new opportunities for continued growth.

Margaret Davis, BBA, RHC
Clinical Liaison

Margaret’s journey to health came from an understanding of her own physical challenges of suffering with gastric issues since college. She began to know that wellness needed to be taken into one’s own hands to discover the healing possibilities of the body. After studying Business Marketing at the University of Mississippi, Oxford and graduating in 1990, she began her career in marketing and sales territories for her father’s HVAC business in the state of Florida. After 5 years of learning a tremendous amount in the business world, it was time for a change. She then studied extensively the body and mind connections. Margaret is a classically trained yoga instructor and taught many weekly private and group classes and was a licensed massage therapist in private practice for 20 years. She always considered she would like to be a “Wellness Doctor” and teamed up with Dr. Sangeet Pati from 2005-2015. Her massage and wellness treatments became her primary focus with the development of Nutritional programs for SaJune Institute. She now joins the MD Prescriptives family since October 2018 and is implementing the Clinical Liaison program, making it easy in connecting doctors and patients with Regenerative Protocols that work. Her passion is to continue this mission of wellness to children. She regularly volunteers with schools teaching nutrition principles in a fun, joyful manner and has also written a Superfoods cookbook. She is committed to making a difference on the planet.

Jesus Garcia, RHC
Operations Manager

I’m born and raised in New York and moved to Florida in 2004. My hobbies are enjoying time with my family and any outdoor activities. I have a passion for cars that has been handed down by generations before me. However, as I’ve grown as a person I began to understand the importance of ones’ health and I am grateful to pursue that passion at MD Prescriptives.

MD Prescriptives has allowed me to build on my skillset in relations to Operations, Fulfillment, Warehouse Management, and Customer Service. I am also grateful for the opportunity to work close with Dr. Sangeeta Pati and the wonderful team behind her. Throughout my journey I have gained extensive knowledge in healthcare, obtained my Regenerative Health Coach Certification, and applied the Regenerative lifestyle to my family and I.

Eugenio Madrigal Rojas, LMT, RHC
L.M.T. Spokesperson

Coming Soon

Angelica Jusino
Marketing Analyst

Angelica Jusino dedicates herself to helping our team create marketing and educational content. She has a knack for working out the details of projects and organizing! Angelica's commitment to health and her versatile nature is highly appreciated as she truly believes in the mission and vision behind MD Prescriptives nutraceuticals after healing herself from leaky-gut in 2016.