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What is the difference between the multivitamin/ minerals Essentials and Essentials DR?


Essentials DR is Delayed Release, so it dissolves in the small intestines instead of the stomach. It is meant for those who have gastric sensitivity.

When is it best to take the multivitamin/ minerals either Essentials or Daily 2?


These are best taken around breakfast and lunch to avoid gastric sensitivity.

When should I use Daily 2 instead of Essentials?

  • The most potent and therapeutically dosed multivitamin minerals are in Essentials and Essentials DR. If the noon 2 capsule dose for Essentials is unrealistic or challenging to take, then it is better to take 2 capsules of Daily 2 in the morning.
  • Daily 2 has ½ the doses of B-vitamins, but maintains a full therapeutic dose of thyroid activators such as selenium and zinc.
  Essentials Essentials DR Daily 2
Potency Therapeutic for thyroid, adrenal, insulin Therapeutic for thyroid, adrenal, insulin


½ B-vitamins

2 capsules breakfast

2 capsules lunch

2 capsules breakfast

2 capsules lunch

1 capsule breakfast and lunch

Or 2 capsules breakfast
Gastric sensitivity Yes

Have multi-vitamin minerals been shown to be useful for any conditions?


Studies have shown that multivitamin/ mineral supplementation supports:

  • chronic fatigue
  • infections
  • anti-oxidant defense
  • quality of life
  • and prevention of chronic disease.

What is the difference between a normal Omega and RxOmega Enteric Coated?

  • Enteric coated Omega-3 has been shown to be doubly absorbed compared to non-enteric coated Omega. So 1 capsule, which contains approximately 1 gram of omega-3 is absorbed like 2 grams of Omega-3.
  • RxOmega is sourced from South American Oceans which are free from radioactive contaminants

What are some benefits of Omega-3 supplementation?


Omega-3 supplementation has been shown to support:

  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Healthy Cholesterol and triglyceride levels

When should I take the probiotic- Purebiotic?


Initially the probiotic should be taken 3 times a day. After a month, or after symptoms subside, this can be taken once or twice a day a few times a week, to keep the flora of the intestines healthy.

I want to get off of my proton-pump inhibitor, which I take for Gastric Reflux and Heart-burn. How do I take the Purebiotic and the Probiozyme to achieve this?


We have seen the best success, when the Purebiotic and Probiozyme are taken with each meal for at least a month. Proton-pump inhibitors are weaned as symptoms decrease and in consultation with your physician. The best results are achieved when all cows dairy products are avoided and substituted with hemp, coconut, almond, rice and soy products.

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner


1 capsule 1 capsule 1 capsule


1 capsule 1 capsule 1 capsule

What is the best way to retrain the bowel when constipation is an issue?

  • Drink at least 100 ounces of water with lemon and pink salt to taste.
  • Take PureCleanse Bowel I and II with each meal for 1 month. If symptoms do not resolve, seek advice from your physician.
  Breakfast Lunch Dinner

PureCleanse Bowel I

1 capsule 1 capsule 1 capsule

PureCleanse Bowel II

1 capsule 1 capsule 1 capsule

What is the difference between Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium ATA and Magnesium Oxide?

  Magnesium Glycinate Magnesium ATA

Magnesium Oxide

In MagnesiumRx from MdPrescriptives?

Yes Yes No

Bioavailability to body

High High Low

Crosses blood brain barrier

No Yes No
Studies support use in migraine headaches and seizures + +++

How do I dose the MagnesiumRx?


The dose is best divided between the AM and the PM. The dose can be increased until you experience loose stools and then backed down. Some people use at night to calm down. A typical dose may be, 1-2 capsules in the AM and 2-4 capsules in the PM. If you have sensitive bowels and can not take a full dose then try to use a magnesium oil or lotion on the skin.

Why do you avoid the preservative Magnesium Stearate?


Magnesium stearate is often used to speed the manufacturing process and cut the cost of production as it increases the flow of the powder through the machine. MdPrescriptives avoids the use of all preservatives and especially Magnesium stearate because it has been associated with a decrease in the absorption of nutrients.

Are MD Prescriptive products approved by the FDA?

  • Regarding FDA Approval - Under law (DSHEA), FDA is not to "approve" a nutraceutical product like they do for drugs but there are other stringent rules in place for nutraceuticals. Only drugs can attain FDA approval at an R&D cost to the pharmaceutical company from $100 million to $1 Billion dollars. As a result, drugs costs are high and increasing each year and that cost is passed on to the consumer.
  • By public demand, which became law, nutraceuticals were protected from requiring expensive approval by FDA under the DSHEA Act of 1994. This protected them from competitive interests within the drug industry. DSHEA provided for how they were to be accountable for being safe and effective food supplements, which the FDA meticulously regulates. To go into further detail:
  1. First, the ingredients in nutraceutical formulas making health claims must be backed by evidence-based peer-reviewed (authoritative) published studies. All MD Prescriptive products are backed by strong evidence-based peer-reviewed studies. *
  2. Secondly, to assure each professional/medical grade nutraceutical product sold is of highest quality and safety, FDA, under the DSHEA law, set into place the requirement that all nutraceuticals sold in the U.S. must be manufactured under certified good manufacturing practices (GMP).MD Prescriptive products are manufactured under certified GMP facilities. *

What is the established approval process in place?

  • Under DSHEA to avoid the need for evidence-based, cost-effective nutraceuticals to go through a $100 Million FDA approval process (rendering them unaffordable for many) was established as follows:
  1. Effectiveness - Evidence-based nutraceuticals, affirming the nutraceutical's ingredients for both effectiveness and safety, is the key advantage DSHEA offers to you and your patients. *
  2. Safety - Nutraceuticals offered for sale in this U.S. must be manufactured under good manufacturing practices (GMP), certified by accredited third parties, to assure the quality, identity, potency and safety of the product. *
  3. Safety - Untoward Effects – Statistics clearly show outstanding lower risks when using evidence-based nutraceuticals properly. *
  4. Preserve significant cost-risk-benefits for your patients. *

What is the benefit of be backed by evidence-based peer-reviewed (authoritative) published studies?

  • Authoritative evidence-based nutraceuticals provide enormous facilitation to the doctor to gain for their patients’ better health outcomes. This facilitation increases efficacy of the patient’s total care plan, and usually saves the patient’s money in the long run. *
  1. For example, it is not uncommon for a safe, evidence-based, effective and targeted nutraceutical to only cost 1% to 10% of FDA approved drugs. This opens up the possibility to increase cost-effectiveness to the patient. *
  2. For example, Magnesium and Vitamin D-3 may work safely alongside drugs (e.g., bio-identical hormone therapeutics) to facilitate more cost-effective outcomes. *
  3. In other cases, evidence-based nutraceuticals can facilitate or promote increased safety as well as efficacy for drugs (e.g., Omega 3 oils to improve anti-inflammatory management and milk thistle to protect liver structure and function when taking NSAIDS). *

Do nutraceuticals hurt you?


Although occasionally there will be headline news that some nutraceutical was found to cause an injury to someone, in comparison to occurrences of untoward effects from pharmaceuticals, the risk ratio just in terms of occurrence greatly and overwhelmingly favors evidence-based nutraceuticals when properly used. *

Do MD Prescriptive products have a Certificates of Free Sale?


Regarding Certificates of Free Sale (CFS) - These can be obtained for export purposes when desired. As of this date, we do not sell/export internationally into countries requiring CFS, but are expanding into foreign territories later this year. We are fully qualified to obtain CFS on a as needed bases so if you are interested in a specific product please contact us so we can expedite acquiring that specific certificate.

What is the difference between disease biological function?

  • Drugs treat disease; nutraceuticals treat biological structure and functions, hopefully causal functions and correct them. *
  1. For example, Metformin is approved to treat diabetes. The end result is usually that the patient’s blood sugar levels are brought under control. Liposomal berberine normalizes elevated blood sugar levels – a biological function. The end-result is the same goal to the patient, but cost-savings are made more possible to the patient, especially in the long term – that is, using lifestyle changes, diet (food supplements as appropriate) and exercise to achieve optimal results and reverse the staggering trends in diabetic new and long-standing cases. *

Proper Patient Disclaimer


We do recommend that you post a proper patient disclaimer at your point of patient sale (your dispensary) of our nutraceutical products or any other brand. This maintains highest ethical standards. Please write to us if you have any more questions as we are always ready to help you.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nutraceutical products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.